Linchpin Accessory

January 20, 2014

I casually touched on the idea of a linchpin accessory in my last outfit post and wanted to elaborate on this concept which I feel has improved many of my outfits in the last year. While belts are not a panacea for all outfit ills, they, along with jewelry, gloves, handbags, coats, and scarves, can elementally transform otherwise humdrum outfits.

For those of you who have a substantial vault of basics, linchpin accessories ought to be next on your acquisition list. And they need not be eccentric or esoteric; a healthy dose of the unexpected will suffice.
Burberry London Westland Trench | Zara Scarf Print Blouse | Hermes Reversible Belt | The Cambridge Satchel Company 13" Satchel | J. Crew Classic Mini in Felted Wool Lauren Ralph Lauren Bryce Boots
And, in many instances, a linchpin accessory isn't necessarily extraordinary on its own; when it works it complements by creating a visual diversion or illusion. And context does matter. A black bag is perhaps more jarring against the backdrop of a colorful ensemble relative to one with a fairly tonal composition.

The predictable can be boring and I often struggle to break the mold because the predictable is also the most comforting. For me, fun accessories help to reduce some of that dreaded monotony. 
And on that note, let's segue into some sale news (happens to be one I am rather excited about).

Theory's online warehouse sale has begun and I had a lot of fun browsing it; the discount hovers around the 70-80% off range which is stellar because Theory prices can be prohibitive at retail.

Here are my picks: Theyskens Theory Drisse Fuminous Dress, Theory Ress NC Arbiter Shirt, Jitane Jacket in Foh, Theyskens Theory Dasta Fruma Dress, and Theory Janya Edgewood Skirt.

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  1. I love your outfit! I love the paisley shirt and the white skirt! Very chic :)

  2. Can you share the tag info for the annea caledon in both colors please? I am sooo infatuated with this style.

    1. Sure, the fabric is Caledon and the style number is D0101102. Good luck!

    2. Thank you Elle! Do you take a 00 in this style?

  3. Have you ever tried Theory shoes? The boots look nice but less forgiving as final sale.

    1. I have. They are unremarkable but good quality (with some irregularity between styles).

  4. This is a great outfit on you - great color contrasts and I am loving the trench!


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