Pendleton Black Watch Tartan Pleated Plaid Skirt

December 24, 2013

tartan, n.1
Pronunciation:  /ˈtɑːtən/
Forms:  Also 15–16 tartane, tertane, (15 teartane).
Etymology:  Of uncertain origin: in use early in 16th cent. ...

orig. Sc. 1.
a. A kind of woollen cloth woven in stripes of various colours crossing at right angles so as to form a regular pattern; worn chiefly by the Scottish Highlanders, each clan having generally its distinctive pattern; often preceded by a clan-name, etc. denoting a particular traditional or authorized design. Also, the pattern or design of such cloth, and applied to silk and other fabrics having a similar pattern. shepherds' tartan, shepherds' plaid: see quot. 1882. In quot. 1810   pl. tartan garments

The search for black watch tartan was one that spanned two years and had been, until recently, a fruitless one. I finally gave up my search for something new and ordered a vintage Pendleton from eBay when, rather serendipitously, a print and a fabric I really liked surfaced at Banana Republic (I then proceeded to buy both the blazer and pant).

The rule of three would suggest that this is an inherently pleasant coincidence but somehow I feel my closet, if it could speak, would beg to differ.
J. Crew Classic Schoolboy Blazer in Navy (buy here) | Pendleton Black Watch Tartan Skirt (similar) | See by Chloe Poya Satchel | H&M Cognac Boots
FYI (for the four of you who check everyday), the lineup for the next two weeks comprises year end compilations and a few holiday party looks with some reviews sprinkled in. 

Happy holidays, everyone! I wish you all safe travels, plentiful presents, quality family time, and hearty meals.

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