Lace and Leopard

December 11, 2013

After my mom "borrowed" the Ann Taylor leopard topper that I acquired earlier this year, I looked at a few other options to replace it but none were comparable in value or print to this Ann Taylor number (even the original fell short; I didn't feel the quality justified the price, sale or retail).

What did I do? I bought a second, on a better sale this time around (I even managed to get a few pictures of my camera shy mom and me in matching leopard toppers; will share those pictures when I get her permission).
Ann Taylor Floral Leopard Jacquard Topper (last worn here) | Zipia Lace Cropped Top (similar) | Zara Straight Combination Dress (last worn here) | Ann Taylor Estate Shimmer Necklace (similar) | Chanel Jumbo Flap | Ivanka Trump Fazio Bow Pumps (similar)
A few of you were disappointed to learn that this Zara faux leather combination dress is available in only two sizes (S or M) and the cut is unforgiving for those with better endowed chests and hips. I found a few options on ASOS that come in more democratic sizes that should work for a larger population.

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