Green and White Striped Skirt

December 13, 2013

I don't normally discuss my off-blog activities on the blog (I know you don't care where I vacation or what I do at work) but feel a few future posts necessitate a short explanation. For the next little while, you might see me in unseasonable (for NE winters) attire.

I joined the snowbirds for two-ish weeks in November and it was a welcome respite from the bitter cold. I took full advantage of warmer weather and bared legs and arms whenever the opportunity presented itself.
Polo Ralph Lauren Cable Cardigan (similar) | Zara Crochet Dress | c/o Choies Green Striped Skater Skirt (also available in black) | Mixed Metal Necklace (similar) | Kate Spade Primrose Hill Little Kaelin Bag | Marc by Marc Jacobs Rose Gold Watch | Miu Miu Taupe Pumps (similar)
For those who missed out on the Anthropologie Scalloped Stripes Skirt, this Choies option (comes in green or black) is an adequate substitute. The workmanship and quality fall short of the original but the design and concept are eerily similar.

You can get $15 off your first order at Choies by completing a profile which brings the cost of the skirt down to a very reasonable amount. 

I reviewed Choies previously here.

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