Weekly Shopping Update: 11.22.2013

November 22, 2013

Black Friday is quickly becoming a retail holiday that threatens to overshadow (if not engulf) the companion holiday. This year, Black Friday for some started a solid 10 days before actual Turkey Day; this must be a new record for even the most anxious of retailers.

Retailer: Gap
Discount: 40% off full-priced orders with code GAPEARLY or 50% off with Gap Inc. credit cards and code BFCARD.
These sweaters are only $23 at an additional 50% off (items on promotion are still considered full-priced). I really liked them when I saw them in person and ordered a few colors online. Also picked up the Cable Poncho and a few pairs of boyfriend style jeans to try (here, here, and here).

Cable Knit Pullover
Retailer: J. Crew
Discount: Winter favorite sale: 25% off with code WINTER.
Picks: adore the Convertible Toggle Coat (can't decide between gray and navy), Majesty Peacoat, and Lady Day Coat. The Boy Shirt in Classic White (worn here) is part of the sale.
It's been weeks since I last set foot in a J. Crew retail store but the 40% off sale finally pulled me back in. While there, I found a few things I almost considered buying at full price but reluctantly returned them to the rack for one reason or another.
J. Crew Bib Necklace Sweatshirt | size XXS | Heather Anchor
I really wanted to love the Bib Necklace Sweatshirt but tried on the wrong size. I was hoping for a looser fit and really should've tried the S or M for the fit I was looking for but the sweatshirt looked deceptively big on the hanger. The material was soft and the color an attractive shade of medium gray.
Crinkle Boy Shirt in Black Watch Plaid | Perfect Shirt in Foulard |
J. Crew Crinkle Boy Shirt in Black Watch Plaid | sz 00
I liked both of these shirts in concept (the prints are pretty!) but thought they were merely average on me. The fit felt true-to-size and the material was thick enough to conceal undergarment color choices. Petite sizes are available online so if I ever change my mind I would go with a petite size for the shorter sleeves and shorter overall length.
J. Crew Perfect Shirt in Foulard | sz 00
One of the sale items I almost bought was this Keeper Chambray Dress but I ultimately decided against the indigo denim shade. I'd love a similar style in a lighter blue but thought this dress has the potential to be versatile if you like the color. Sleeves are predictably long on a short person like myself but the overall length was perfectly appropriate as is. The dress looks somewhat shapeless from the side but I think that's part of the design. The material is solidly comfortable.
J. Crew Keeper Chambray Dress | size XXS
Loved the Crepe Short-Sleeve Dress on the hanger and think the dress in a petite size would fit me even better but sadly this dress only comes in two colors (black and red; two colors I already own in excess). The material drapes beautifully and is a solidly three-season piece. Seems to fit true to size.
J. Crew Crepe Short-Sleeve Dress | size 00 | Antique Red
Retailer: Forever 21Discount: Sweater sale, up to 60% off.
Picks: Also liking the Polka Dot Sweater, Buttoned Multi-Knit Sweater, Colorblocked High-Low Sweater, and Colorblocked Multi-Knit Sweater. My last order was a resounding success, I thought the Classic Midsize Faux Leather Clutch and the Classic Oversized Faux Leather Clutch (truly oversized) were a great value considering their price and the Striped French Terry Sweatshirt is my new sleepshirt. I am on the fence about the Luxe Sheath Dress but the fit issue has more to do with me than the dress.
Partially Striped Sweater | Rugby Striped Raglan Sweater | Pocketed Pullover Sweater | Contrast Trimmed Bow Sweater
Retailer: 6PM
Discount: New markdowns; extra 10% off with code 6PMC1121131072. Two colors of the Selma Satchel are already on sale for 20% off.
Michael by Michael Kors Large Selma Satchel : Malachite | Cinnabar
Retailer: Old Navy
Discount:20% off with code ONSAVENOW.
The Tassel Zip Totes received 39 positive reviews online, with many claiming that it has the appearance of real leather.
Tassel Zip Totes
Retailer: Zara
Discount:  Zara's Black Friday sales are normally fairly attractive but won't go live until real Black Friday (points for Zara for actually adhering to the schedule).
I really did not like these Lined Casual Ankle Booties (also in brown) or the Leather Ankle Boot with Brogueing and Laces reviewed below. I am between sizes at Zara and the size 5's (translates to 38 for women) in kids are slightly more than half a size too big. I also found this style quite stiff (to the point of discomfort) and the leg opening a tad too wide.
I don't know what compelled me to order these Leather Ankle Boot with Brogueing and Laces but I did and was still disappointed despite having low expectations. Sizing issues aside (again, size 38's too big for my normally 6.5/7 feet even with socks), the "leather" was dull and the material unbearably stiff.

I usually find shoe styles for women to be adequately comfortable but have been disappointed more time than not with kid's styles (and you'd think kid's shoes would be more comfortable).
Retailer: Saks
Discount: Hundreds of new markdowns; these Boy's Cable Sweater look promising if you don't mind the polo logo. I have old (really old; 10+ years old) Ralph Lauren sweaters that have held up really well and I would wear them more if they didn't have a logo plastered across the front.
Boy's Cable Sweater
Retailer: Tommy Hilfiger
Discount: 30% off sweaters (discount automatically applied in cart).
I picked up the Long Sleeve Cable Crew Neck Sweater; also like the Chunky Turtleneck Sweater, Zig Zag Chevron Sweater, and Polka Dot Long Sleeve Sweater.
Basketweave Sweater | Long Sleeve Cable Crew Neck Sweater | Cable Crew Neck Sweater
 I'll update this post if I spot other attractive sales.

Happy shopping!

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