Tights, or no tights: that is the question

November 23, 2013

Late November is when I'd be in a constant tug-of-war with reason.

At this juncture, forgoing tights is no longer an option. I want to shout "VIVA BARE LEGS!" yet that shouted whisper is utterly unjustifiable. I'd think: You are a crazy person for walking around without tights by choice. But I continue to resist.

It's my last stand before submitting to four months of black tights (still haven't mastered the art of colorful tights) and pants (something I've grown fonder of but they are hardly my first choice).

I give myself another two weeks of insanity.
Zara Double-breasted Wool Coat (reviewed here) | J. Crew Honeycomb Cable Sweater (similar) | Zara Girl Crochet Dress | Ann Taylor Estate Shimmer Necklace (similar) | MICHAEL by Michael Kors Selma Large Satchel (buy here + here)| Forever 21 Chic Leatherette Stilettos
I want to thank Ella and Elissa for recommending this Old Navy Honeycomb-Knit Sweater in the comment section of this post. It appears to be a fair substitute for this old J. Crew style and comes in 10 assorted colors, from pastels to primary colors. It's even available in petite and tall (a rarity for knits).
Old Navy Honeycomb-Knit Sweaters (10 colors)

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