The Fall Standard (+ Unpeelable Layers)

November 12, 2013

This fall I've traded silk for knits and tulle for denim. There are days when I look in the mirror and ask: Who are you and why are you not wearing a tutu?

I am hoping this "practical" phase is transitory and that I'll be running around in the snow in my many tulle skirts this winter.

Burberry London Mottram Trench (also here) | J. Crew Honeycomb Cable Sweater | Alice + Olivia Wendy Lace Blouse | Pins and Needles Peter Pan Bodysuit | See by Chloe Poya Satchel (also here and here) | Gap Legging Jeans | Marc by Marc Jacobs Rose Gold Watch  | H&M Cognac Boots
This sweater was a hit with some of my favorite bloggers two winters ago, but I passed on it because I thought the sleeves were too tight (still an issue). I was reintroduced to it while playing in a friend's closet earlier this year, fell in love with the texture, and found one on ebay in pine green (would've preferred ivory but latecomers can't be choosers). 
The three parts that make up the top half of this outfit are all pieces I would not wear on their own-- I find the peter pan collar bodysuit too form-fitting as an outer layer, the Alice + Olivia lace blouse too low-cut, and the J. Crew sweater too itchy to wear sans additional layers--but together they create a combination I never tire of wearing.

To quote Aristotle (or whoever): The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.
J. Crew Honeycomb Cable Sweater | Alice + Olivia Wendy Lace Blouse | Pins and Needles Peter Pan Bodysuit
I wish J. Crew (or even Ann Taylor and Banana Republic) could be counted on for affordable, colorful, and medium-weight cable crewneck sweaters every fall but I have not found a single option from these retailers that is non-trendy. I found last year's Cambridge Cable Crewneck Sweater to be rather thin, does anyone know if this year's version is comparatively sturdier?

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