Review: My Michelle Solid Cape Blazer

November 19, 2013

My Michelle Juniors Solid Cape Blazer | My Michelle Juniors Printed Cape Blazer | My Michelle Juniors Cape Jacket
While researching additional cape options for a post, I found this My Michelle cape on Amazon (weirdly not findable using the search engine). It was $16 (now $10.30) and had two positive reviews (+ my Prime subscription justifies all Amazon purchases), so I added the item to my cart and checked out (along with five pounds of sugar and some batteries...not sure what my order says about me).
My Michelle Juniors Solid Cape Blazer | Uniqlo Heattech Turtle Neck Tee | Zipia Paisley Zip Up Cardigan | H&M Super Skinny Super Low Jeans (art. no: 65-8709) | Forever 21 Faux Leather Wedge Booties (similar) | YSL Cabas Chyc Large Leather East West Bag
Is it the world's sturdiest, warmest cape? No. But it is a good outerwear choice for early autumn or a mild winter day.

The fabric composition leaves a lot to be desired. 88% polyester, 10% rayon, and 2% spandex is what I call "ersatz wool;" it has the look of brushed wool but is just a synthetic substitute lacking both warmth and durability. Many "junior" brands, like BB Dakota and XOXO, use this affordable fabric for mild weather outerwear.

As for fit, junior brands tend to run a bit small but this style is oversized so you might consider sizing down instead. I was wearing the size S here, if you can use me as a point of reference.

The buttons, somewhat large, are black and blend seamlessly into the cape; the self-belt is removable.
You might ask: Elle, if you found so many faults with this cape, why did you keep it? And I might concede that I gave in to a temporary convenience. It was really cold one October morning and I had left my coat, scarf, and sweater at home. In a moment of weakness I decided $16 was a reasonable price for warmth.

I have a few additional cape reviews planned (this MK one wasn't a keeper) but didn't find much success. After I burn off those pictures, I may just hold out for new options next fall.

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