Tweed Jacket and Coated Jeans

October 19, 2013

This fall I am feeling...edgy. I've been weirdly drawn to coated denim, leather pieces, slouchy knits, and motorcycle jackets.

The irony is that (for those of you who don't know me in real life) I am the antithesis of a badass, which makes my recent clothing choices a constant source of amusement (because of how unlike me, personality-wise, they are).

c/o Front Row Shop Tweed Coat | Rebecca Taylor Tweed V-Neck Peplum Top with Leather Trim (also in navy/black and black/black) | H&M Super Skinny Super Low Jeans (art. no: 65-8709) | Forever 21 Faux Leather Wedge Booties (similar) YSL Cabas Chyc Large Leather East West Bag
Brooch (found at Marshalls)
A few (quick) words about new items on rotation: 
- I picked up a pair of these H&M Super Skinny Super Low Jeans (art. no: 65-8709) in size 24/30. Now, I normally avoid pants with descriptors like "super skinny" and "super low" but found these jeans quite comfortable and non-restrictive. I don't see the coated black denim option online anymore but think this is the right product page.
- Front Row Shop, a Shanghai-based e-commerce site, reached out and asked me to share one of its fall pieces with you all. I picked this black/white tweed jacket because I can see myself wearing it until it's rags and tatters. The jacket isn't inexpensive at $75, but new users get $15 for signing up and with free shipping, it's slightly more reasonable. The size XS fits me fine, though sleeves are predictably long on me because of my stubby limbs. If you have additional questions about the jacket or about shopping FRS, e-mail me or leave a comment below.
Lastly, two noteworthy sales:
Revolve Clothing added hundreds of items to its sale section, including nearly every color and variety of satchels from the Cambridge Satchel Company (yes, I may have ordered one).
And Nordstrom temporarily discounted some of its "classics," including Salvatore Ferragamo Bow Flats and Pumps and Burberry coats and trenches, to name a few.

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