Ruffles and Pleats

October 03, 2013

In this gorgeous Parisian print box pleat skirt lie two important lessons: first, don't ever suggest to crafty and generous friends that you have interest in their creations. They will probably surprise you with a copy and refuse payment. Second, store-bought clothes seldom  measure up to custom creations. 

I wore this skirt every day for about a week. On the fourth day, my Wendy's guy asked somewhat obtusely, "do you ever do laundry?" To which I responded with a rictus of mortification.

If you are a sewer and want to make your own box pleat skirt, visit SewPetiteGal's blog for a helpful tutorial and also tips on how to insert invisible zippers.

LOFT Ruffle Front Cardigan | Box Pleated Skirt gifted by the talented SewPetiteGal | J. Crew Collection Icon Trench | Marc by Marc Jacobs Rose Gold Watch | Chanel Medallion Tote | Pour La Victoire Chantel Scalloped Pumps (also here, here + here)
It's been more than two years since this cardigan last appeared on this blog. Ruffles seem to have fallen from grace with tastemakers--at least in generous servings. It's a trend that never calms to a still but have become mere splatters on the larger fashion canvas.

This LOFT ruffle front cardigan was one of my first purchases upon my introduction to the petite blogging community--I recall being won over wholeheartedly by ways in which Kelly wore hers (had so much fun digging through her archives one weekend; this lady had great style from the beginning).

After a brief love affair, during which I developed feelings for other accents, the trend started to appear out of place in my closet of equally feminine yet incompatible pieces. A year or so ago I removed it from the hanger on which it suspended and placed it inside a storage container where it lay until last month.

Usually, a piece that has been neglected for as long as it had would land in the donation pile without question, but I hesitated and tossed it aside. Maybe another time. 

I am chalking my indecision up to nostalgia.

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