Leather and Houndstooth (Zara Sweater with Faux Leather Elbow Patches)

October 09, 2013

You probably don't know that clumsy is my middle name (it's not, but it might as well be). I walk into tables, trip on carpet, and bump into things several times a day, all of which often result in intense pain.

That I didn't research tops with elbow patches sooner is a serious oversight. In my younger years I regarded elbow patches with skepticism, associating them with tweed blazers one teacher used to wear (with his seasonless bowtie).
I was initially leery when I ordered this sweater. The moment I slipped it on, with a bit of struggle as my head is somewhat oversized, the world made sense to me. My bony elbows, a constant source of consternation, no longer fear coming in contact with hard surfaces. 

Sometimes clothes, in spite of their supposed frivolity, can be life-changing.
c/o Choies Pencil Skirt in Quilted Dogtooth (also in gray)| Zara Sweater with Faux Leather Elbow Patches (also in white; similar) | Chanel Classic Flap Bag in Caviar | Zara Vamp Shoes (similar)
I don't intend to write a separate post about Choies as a part of Asian Fashion Adventures but will quickly recap my shopping experience for those of you who are considering an order.
The shipping timeline is as follows: my order was placed on 7/16, shipped on 7/22, and arrived on 7/26. Choies's dispatch center is located in Hong Kong.

Everything I received was decent quality and it's helpful that Choies works with bloggers of varying styles who supply additional pictures. 

The return policy is also a notch above other "Asian" retailers; consumers have up to 60 days to return or exchange their orders for a full refund.
A few other houndstooth skirt options to consider:
Forever 21 | Alice + Olivia | Lisa Perry | Fred Perry | Loudmouth

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