Peach and Navy

September 17, 2013

If you were to ask me: what is the best purchase you've made this year? I might at first be racked with indecision but eventually utter these words: The J. Crew Classic Schoolboy Blazer in Navy (new version here).

It might not be the most expensive purchase I've made this year or even the most exciting, but it is certainly the most practical. I throw it over everything and instantly feel put together.

J. Crew Classic Schoolboy Blazer in Navy | Orange Style Petal Sleeve Jeweled Dress | Marc by Marc Jacobs Rose Gold Watch | Zara Studded Court Shoe with Ankle Strap | Marc Jacobs Quilted Westside Bag
Take 25% off any J. Crew purchase with code SHOPFALL. I really like the "maple" tweed jacket and pencil skirt but will wait and see if other tweed items get included in the October rollout. I was also interested in the Collection Wool-silk A-line Skirt but it's already sold out in most sizes.

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