Asian Fashion Advantures: CherryKoko

September 26, 2013

Where do I begin with CherryKoko? At the very beginning, I guess.

For months, a friend and I had considered ordering from either CherryKoko or Zipia, another South Korean e-tail giant, and our choice was finally made for us when several items I wanted from Zipia sold out during our indecision.

We learned a few things about CherryKoko from our first order: first, sign up for an account using a fake birthday (set the day after registration) will land you a cool 10% off coupon, a discount I exploited without batting an eye (no shame). 

Next, we scrambled to find a credit card between the two of us that didn't charge a foreign transaction fee, which adds a negligible but unnecessary amount to the total.

Shipping--calculated based on weight--for our order of 250740 (~$230 USD) came out to 59600 (~$55USD) which is not inexpensive but I would've had to pay a similar amount if I had ordered on my own.

So the best thing you can do to defray the cost of shipping is to order with friends. (On that note, friends of mine reading this, let me know if you ever want to order from these e-tailers. Chances are good I'll join you in ordering).

The order was sent via EMS and spent only two days in transit (order placed on March 13, shipped on the 14th, and arrived on the 16th). Ah, the marvels of globalization; to have near-instant gratification even when ordering from an ocean away.
Cherrykoko Rapunzel Jeweled-Collar Dress (last worn here) | J. Crew Lady Jacket in Double-Serge Wool | Marc by Marc Jacobs Rose Gold Watch | Tory Burch Daria Top-Handle Satchel Bag | Zara Basic Court Shoe
The clothes are well made and the material, while unexciting, is surprisingly suitable for Cherrykoko designs and fair for the price point. This navy dress with embellished collars was 49000 (~$45), the blouse I wore in this post was 28000 (~$26), and the chartreuse dress I wore in this post was 37900 (~$35).

I want to emphasize that CherryKoko sizing (gathered from the three items I ordered and the other items that my friend ordered) is very unfriendly to those who fall outside of the 5'4/size 4 and below parameter. 

Dresses, skirts, and jackets normally come in two sizes (55-small, 66-medium), knits and tops are available in only one size, and pants are available in sizes 25-30.

Take the dress that I wore in these pictures for example, I am 5'2 on a good day and the dress in size 55 is scandalously short on me.
The one-size-fits-most dresses (like that chartreuse dress) fall somewhere between a small and a medium so if you find the small too small and the medium too large, try these "free size" options.

So, in conclusion, order with friends, exploit discounts, and size up for dresses. 

I'd be happy to answer any questions about Cherrykoko so leave a comment below if you have any questions.

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  1. Did you buy these items directly from the site? I'm conflicted on if i should just buy them through the site, but i'm not sure if they ship to the US... Help me if you can :)


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