Yellow Jacket and Nautical Stripes

April 11, 2013

Final sale, what a dreaded concept. While I consciously avoid buying things that can't be returned, there are a few final sale items in my closet that I've come to love in spite of initial dissatisfaction.

This yellow lady jacket from J. Crew was purchased as a gift but I later learned that the intended recipient had already bought it (a more forgivable mistake than, say, knowingly buying something final sale with no recourse). I was going to press local J. Crew sales associates for a return or an exchange (for a larger size/color) but ended up just keeping it out of convenience.

These days, I find myself reaching for it with more frequency than I ever thought I would so it ended up being a worthwhile purchase.

J. Crew Lady Jacket in Double-serge Wool | Banana Republic Engineered Stripe Tee | J. Crew Classic Mini in Felted Wool | Belt from Forever 21 shorts | Massimo Dutti Nappa Leather Court Shoe | See by Chloe Poya Satchel (no longer available)
I blogged about this jacket twice before:
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Is final sale a strong enough deterrent for you to reconsider a purchase?

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