Weekend Pastels (+ Zara Basic Court Shoes Review)

April 28, 2013

The weather this weekend was simply phenomenal. So phenomenal, in fact, that my black-neutral color blindness set in and all I could see were magnificent pastels.

Oasap Elegant Lacy Sleeveless Vest (c/o) | ASOS 2 in 1 Dress In Spot Print | LOFT Factory Pearl Necklace | Zara Basic Court Shoe
Unlike the usually stellar Massimo Dutti shoes, Zara footwear tends to be hit and miss. I was originally set on returning these Zara Basic Court Shoes because they didn't wow me out of the box but hastily cut the tags off when I found myself in fuzzy driving socks in my car with no back up shoes to change into.

The shoes actually surpassed all comfort expectations and I would recommend them for occasions that require no more than 3-4 hours of continuous standing and/or walking. This shoe fits true to size (if between sizes, normal-width feet should size down). The material is polyurethane, which Zara seems to love and uses in place of real leather for cost savings. 

I do not think this shoe will last more than two seasons of occasional attention so they are not particularly cheap at $39.90. They do look good and are moderately comfortable so I personally don't have any regrets (plus my own carelessness forced me into a corner).

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