Wear It Five Ways: Midi Length Tulle Skirt

April 02, 2013

For a grown woman, my fascination with tulle skirts feels indefensible. I like to think tulle skirts are more versatile than people give them credit for but I can understand why they are usually shunned.

Putting aside the misconception that tulle skirts are juvenile (though I admit I have peter pan syndrome which I eventually have to grow out of), I wholeheartedly believe that tulle skirts transform boring tops into exciting companions.

A quick note about why I wore the same pair of shoes with every outfit. I didn't want to reset the tripod for every shot to account for shoes of different height so that's why it's the same ol' pair of black pumps.


Left: Zara Girl Crochet Dress | Ann Taylor Oval Pearlized Necklace | CL Simple 100 Pumps
Right: J. Crew Lady Jacket in Double-Serge Wool
Classy or Casual:
Left: Brooks Brothers Lambswool Polka Dot Sweater | LOFT three-strand necklace
Right: Forever 21 Slouchy Shirt | H&M belt from dress | Zara Chain Belt as Necklace | J. Crew Valentina Pumps
Breton Tops go with everything (because it's foolproof):
Forever 21 Classic Striped 3/4 Sleeve Top | H&M Bow Belt | Forever 21 Quilted Moto Jacket
Dressy for the evening (as a dress or as a skirt):
Left: Hermes H Buckle Belt
J. Crew Bubble Necklace | Boulee Liv Bustier Top
And the obligatory composite:

So, tulle skirts, which side of this debate do you fall on?

Disclaimer: The tulle skirt featured in this post is gifted by eShakti. I was not compensated and had no obligations to write this post (I just really like tulle skirts). I submitted custom measurements for this skirt and the mid-calf length falls at mid-calf on 5'2 me. If you have more specific questions about my experience with eShakti, I would be happy to devote a post to it.

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