Khaki Trench & Red Shoes

April 26, 2013

One way to tell how imprudent a purchase is is by how far removed in time this item is from its last appearance. Some of you may remember how excited I was when I first bought this trench, but idealism doesn't always (or ever) translate into practicality.

Despite having a fuller bottom and tulle underskirt, the awkward length of the trench condemned it to obscurity from (or close to) the get-go. If I don't wear 5-inch heels with this trench I look like one of the Tweedle brothers and, when I can help it, I try to avoid looking like Dee and Dum. 

I finally dug it out of closet purgatory in an effort to pare down, however slightly, the mountain of clothes I own. I figure if I can't manage enough effort to wear something long forgotten even once on schedule, I would probably never touch it again.

And now that it's moved to the front of the queue, I can't imagine parting with it ever. I guess it's true love.

J. Crew Encore Trench | The Limited Striped Flared-Skirt Dress | Chanel Medallion Tote | Pour La Victoire Irina Platform Pump (also here)
Have a terrific weekend, everyone!

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