Wear It Five Ways : Green Lace Dress

March 04, 2013

I acquired the lace dress featured in this post several months ago on an impromptu trip to H&M. At the time, I had newly fallen in love with a green Valentino lace dress and was almost desperate in satiating my craving for one. As with most purchases made without much forethought, this dress edged into the back of my closet where it remained until a few weekends ago when I was "reorganizing" my closet (I vacillate between trying to sort clothes by color or by length). 

1. Lace Dress + Tweed Jacket (or, for a more casual look, replace the tweed jacket with a denim jacket).

Left: J. Crew Lady Jacket in Corkscrew Tweed | Michael Antonio Lovie Pumps
Right: Uniqueen No. 5 Tweed Jacket | LOFT Three-Strand Pearl Necklace | Michael Antonio Lovie Pumps

2. Lace Dress + Casual Shirt + Tights + (I probably should've traded the pumps for a pair of brown boots)
Crewcuts Gingham Shirt (similar) | H&M Necklace | Belt from Forever 21 Shorts (similar) | HUE Tights | Ann Taylor Perfect Pumps
3. Lace Dress + Skirt + Belt + Coat
J. Crew Double-cloth Townhouse Trench | J. Crew No. 2 Pencil Skirt in Leopard | LOFT Three-Strand Pearl Necklace | H&M Belt from Dress | Corso Como Delicious Pumps
4. Lace Dress + Silk Blouse + Blazer
J. Crew Silk Elodie Blouse | Aqua Schoolboy Blazer (similar) | LOFT Three-Strand Pearl Necklace | Miu Miu Taupe Pumps (similar)
5. Lace Dress (skirt portion folded inward and pinned at waist) + printed leggings
Theory Gabe B. Blazer | Hello Kitty® Filigree Print Leggings | Ann Taylor Perfect Skinny Belt | Miu Miu Taupe Pumps (similar)
How would you wear this lace dress?  

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  1. Fits like a glove, I would however recommend you get loops sewn into the sides to hold the sash in place. The loops they have are very flimsy and I broke one before I even got the dress to the cleaners.


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