Weekly Shopping/Sale Update : Gap & Forever 21

February 05, 2013

I think winter sales have finally wound down so the weekly sale update will slowly transition into a weekly shopping update.
My last Gap order yielded few keepers, I only kept navy and black Ribbed Turtlenecks (in XS Petite) out of the batch. I already own the style in ivory and find it to be comfortable (read: not itchy!), warm, and great for layering.

I had high hopes for the Cable Boatneck Pullover (pictured in XS Petite) but won't be keeping either color I ordered. The material - 45% Nylon, 28% Acrylic, 27% Wool - is thin (patterns show through) and soft. However, they aren't what I had in mind so I will be returning them.


I also ordered both colors of the Long-sleeve Dot Dress (pictured in XXL) to try and they are more or less up to par (relative to price) but I didn't love them so they will be going back.
The biggest disappointment of my order has to be the Polka Dot Rain Jacket (pictured in XL). I don't know why I thought the rain jacket would be longer in length but it was not at all what I had hoped for so it is going back. I can see this being cute on the children the design is intended for.
I ordered the Bow Ballet Flats (kids size 6 fits like adult sizes 7.5/8) without really knowing what size I should be wearing in Gap kids shoes. I ended up ordering about a size larger than I should be wearing. The shoes are Carven-esque with the bows in the back (and really affordable) but I think I'd rather wait for the real deal to go on sale.
I can't believe I am still digesting a merchandise credit from Forever 21 that I have had for more than a year. With Forever 21 prices on constant hike I am eager to spend the rest of my merchandise credit before inflationary forces turn my merchandise card into a worthless plastic card. If you have any recommendations please leave me a comment below.

I recently ordered a few Forever 21 x Hello Kitty items (among them Hello Kitty® Scarf Print Travel Bag, Two-Tone Badtz-Maru® Sweater, and Hello Kitty® Knit Socks) and the Grid Pattern Georgette Shirt on impulse. I ended up really liking the Grid Pattern Georgette Shirt even though I didn't love the material nor the stark white color but for $15.80 I can overlook a few issues.
Here are a few items I am currently eying.
Bow Metal Cuff (I also like this rhinestone variation)

I really want to add a field jacket to my wardrobe (Jean's recent post certainly doesn't help - in terms of quenching my thirst for one). I am looking for a classic mid-thigh length one without too much embellishment but can't seem to find one that is both budget-friendly and fills my requirements.
Hide-Away Hood Utility Jacket | Pyramid Stud Utility Jacket | Faux Leather Sleeve Anorak | Oversized Studded Jacket | Studded Linen Utility Vest
Some cute jackets and printed blouses:

Cat Print Chiffon Shirt | Polka Dot Georgette Shirt | Polka Dot Georgette Shirt | Sheer Animal Print Shirt | Watercolor Floral Print Top
I don't really know why "vertical stripes" are considered a trend for the Spring - I don't think they ever went out of style but the bolder stripes are interesting to look at.
Vertical Stripes Shirt | Striped High-Low Shirt | Vertical Striped Shirt | Vertical Striped Shirt | Striped Chiffon Shirt | Cutout Back Striped Shirt
And some white lace dresses for your consideration:
Eyelash Lace Dress | Macramé Dress | Embroidered Lace Dress | Pleated Lace Combo Dress | Chiffon Overlay Lace Dress
Happy shopping!

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