Wear It Five Ways : Red Tights

January 08, 2013

Bright red tights are incredibly difficult to wear. For me, at least. I bought two pairs of colorful HUE tights on a whim last winter because I needed a pair of navy ones but the accompanying red pair was quickly stuffed to the back of my tights drawer.

If I had my choice of shade, I would pick a deep burgundy, preferably textured and heavyweight. Unfortunately, the pair I own is bright red and only somewhat opaque. When I wear them they make me feel like an elf.

J. Crew coat, LOFT dress, HUE tights, Juicy Couture shoes, and Chanel bag
Wear It Five Ways posts usually take an hour to assemble and photograph and the process is fun (who doesn't like playing dress up?) but my latest attempt is just frustrating. I did not like any of the outfits I put together and in the end did not gain any new insight for how to wear red tights in the future and was left even more confused than when I started.
Left: Zara dress, J. Crew scarf, and Juicy Couture shoes
Middle: Pippa jacket, VS skirt, Gap sweater, J. Crew necklace, and Zara shoes
Right: LOFT top, Forever 21 skirt, and Franco Sarto shoes
Left: H&M jacket, Zara dress, and Juicy Couture shoes
Middle: Ann Taylor cardigan, VS skirt, and Juicy Couture shoes
Right: H&M dress + cardigan, and Ann Taylor shoes
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How do you wear red tights?

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