Weekly Sale Update: LOFT, Banana Republic, the Gap, J. Crew, Old Navy, & Neiman Marcus

November 14, 2012

Full-price styles are all on sale today at LOFT. Use SAVEMORE at checkout for the tiered discount.

I haven't shopped at LOFT in a while because there just hasn't been a style that really appealed to me. I did have fun browsing their new arrivals.
Peplum Doubleface Sheath Dress | Peplum Dress in LOFT Scuba | Tweed Zip Pocket Shift Dress | Sleeveless Flare Dress
And for those of you who missed out on the collarless yellow (and red) H&M blazers, LOFT has two jackets that look really similar (and are probably better quality). Buy here in yellow and here for red.

Holiday sales have started at Banana Republic, the Gap, and Old Navy. Use GETSTARTED at checkout for 30% off your purchase (or 35% for cardholders). And Athleta products can be had for 20% off when you use GETSTARTED at checkout. Both offers end at midnight tonight.

All online clearance items at Neiman Marcus are an extra 40% off today. The more desirable stock sell out quickly but new items are added throughout the day so if you have some time to kill it's a good deal to pay close attention to.
There was another markdown on the J. Crew website this morning. You can use MUSTHAVE for an extra 30% off. The dreaded final sale is finally over so the decision to place an order was an easy one to make.

For myself, I ordered the
Sterling Skirt in Double-serge Wool, the No. 2 Pencil Skirt in Double-serge Wool, the No. 2 Pencil Skirt in Corkscrew Tweed, and re-ordered the Lady Jacket in Double-serge wool (now $70 with the discount; I also requested a price adjustment for my mom's jacket). For my mom, I picked up the Valentina Patent Pumps in Jade and the Collection Georgette Top.

I am also considering the
Schoolboy Blazer in Wool Flannel - the grape/eggplant color is so striking.

Here are some sale items that I feel are worth a second look.

Mod-Coat | Icon Trench in Wool-Cashmere | Double-cloth Slim Trench | Double-cloth Greatcoat | Metro Coat
The Sterling Skirt in Double-serge Wool came highly recommended by my friend Helen and I am eager to try it for myself.
Two of my favorite pieces from the late fall collection are the Corkscrew Tweed Jackets and Pencil Skirts. They are a little bulky when worn together but on their own make quite the statement.
Top: Lady Jacket in Corkscrew Tweed | Bottom: No. 2 Pencil Skirt in Corkscrew Tweed

And the Edie Grand in Rose that I had salivated at weeks ago is already marked down. I am staying away from handbags for the next little while but wanted to share the sale in case any of you are interested.

Left: Edie Attache Tote | Top Right: Little Edie Purse | Bottom Right: Edie Grand
Happy Shopping!

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