Shoes and Friends

November 24, 2012

Last winter I had the good fortune of scoring some wonderful shoes on the cheap with the help of Sydney. One of the perks that come with being friends with women who have both good taste in fashion and a healthy shopping habit is intel about in-store sales. Sydney alerted me to deals on two pairs of gorgeous shoes - a pair of electric blue wedges that was a part of Ann Taylor's 2011 Holiday Collection and a pair of taupe booties - both marked down from their retail prices of $200+ to about $20. Needless to say, I didn't have to be persuaded to buy them.

As this is the season of thanks-giving, I am thankful for many things - among them are great friends. Thank you for your friendship and the wealth of information that you so generously share with the world everyday. 
Ann Taylor sweater + shoes, Forever 21 blouse, See by Chloe bag, and Gap jeans

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