Sale: Kate Spade New York Lisa Pump

November 04, 2012

The Kate Spade New York Lisa Pumps are marked down on several websites as of this morning. I have been a long-time fan of this style and finally pulled the trigger.

Neiman Marcus has these shoes marked down to $152 in pink and you can also buy them, in pink, navy or black, from Nordstrom's for $196.80. I ordered the shoes in pink and navy and in a few sizes as the shape of the toe may prove to be a challenge for my wider feet.   

Other retailers with markdowns include Zappos, which has the pink and black for $262.99, and Bloomingdale's, which has the pink for $229.60.
These shoes are currently still full-price at Saks, Footnotesonline (in pink), Jildor, Designs by Stephene, and Footcandy.

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