To Stud Or Not To Stud, That Is The Question

October 09, 2012

I bought this "nude" bag on sale from Zara last month on a recommendation from my friend CD. I adore the simple design but lately feel something is amiss. Is it too simple on the exterior to the point of bare?

J. Crew dress (similar here and here) + necklace, Burberry trench, Zara bag, and Ann Taylor shoes

I've grown increasingly fond of the idea of studding the exterior flap; assuming I don't mess up this could be a fun DIY. The big question is: should I stud and risk ruining a good thing? And the follow up question is: how should I stud it?

I played around with the bag in photoshop, came up with a few possibilities and thought I would seek your advice on this. Power in number, right? Feel free to recommend a completely different design as I am not particularly attached to any of these six.

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