Pretty Baubles: Anna Dello Russo for H&M

October 29, 2012

Earlier this month, the H&M for Anna Dello Russo collection hit stores. As the collection was only available in a handful of stores across the nation (with the majority in metropolitan areas), I knew getting the necklace (pictured below; I first saw it in an issue of H&M magazine and fell in love) that I wanted would be difficult.

Source: FashionCherry
On a hunch, I logged onto Suddenlee, with whom I have had some success in the past locating hard-to-find items, and submitted a request the night before the collection became available. I was sure Suddenlee would not be able to locate the item since most H&M collaborations sell out quickly (and end up on ebay) so was surprised when I was notified later that day that my request had been fulfilled.

With a $10 service charge (free overnight shipping included...Suddenlee was so thoughtful as to include the original packaging in the shipment, a nice touch), this was a reasonable fee considering I would be saving myself a trip and the hassle of (potentially) having to struggle for room with anxious shoppers.

The necklace itself was slightly below expectations - in person it's a bit cheap looking, which I was prepared for. I don't know that I would have spent $49.95 on it if I had time to ponder the purchase.

I saw a whole shelf full of AdR jewelry at the 7th avenue H&M store in NYC two days ago so those of you who are interested can probably still get a piece by putting a request through Suddenlee or, if you are local, pick up a piece for yourself. I have to say, the whole collection was unimpressive in person - many were bulky and others gaudy  - but if you are eager to own a piece now's a good time to get your hands on one. 

For those of you on the East Coast, stay safe on this stormy night.

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