Fall Colors: Burgundy + Forest Green

October 28, 2012

Red and green are an unlikely pair - they are one of those duos that are better apart than together as the combination reminds many of Christmas. We all know holiday colors are seasonal at best - the orange and black of Halloween draw comparisons to jack-o'-lanterns while pink and red together is often too romantic for any day except February 14th.

However, shades of red and green can find a way to work together in an unobtrusive manner. This fall I have been wearing burgundy with forest green and they are a color pairing that I have grown increasingly fond of. 

What are some unusual color pairings that you are loving lately?

Ann Taylor jacket + blouse, H&M pants, Zara necklace, Chanel bag, and Stuart Weitzman shoes (also here and here)
Ann Taylor jacket, J. Crew skirt, Forever 21 top, LOFT necklace, Chanel bag, and Corso Como shoes

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