Polka Dot + Leather Mini

September 18, 2012

My friend Jean, who blogs at Extra Petite, recently developed a thrifting problem (I kid, I kid). It was a long time coming so I can't say I am surprised. But, you know, who can blame her? If I know how to alter stuff I would visit consignment and thrift stores with a lot more frequency.

I recently became a beneficiary of her thrift store trips. She, for no reason except out of the kindness of her heart, found this beautiful Theory leather skirt and instead of keeping it for herself, she decided to alter it to fit me. 

Jean modeling the skirt, pre-alteration
While the leather used to make this skirt is incredibly supple and buttery soft, I probably never would've picked it up on my own because of the original length; however, with Jean's craftiness and her instinct, the previously awkward mid-calf length skirt was magically transformed into a fall-perfect leather mini.
Forever 21 top, (gifted by Jean) Theory skirt, Chanel bag, (borrowed from my mom) necklace, and Ann Taylor shoes

Do you shop thrift stores? What is your favorite find?

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