Grape Mini : Three Looks

September 01, 2012

How much do I like the J. Crew Scallop Mini? Let me count the ways. It has proven itself a workhorse skirt and the color goes well with pieces already present in my closet.

This skirt is rather plain but I think the trap with buying eye-catching and trendy pieces is that they don't always fit in with your existing wardrobe. And no skirt is an island. It's too easy to buy one thing and be led to buy ten other things just so you can have something to wear with thing 1. I've fallen victim to this trap many times over. 

What is your thought process when you buy something? Do you actively look for pieces that would go well with the rest of your wardrobe or do you just buy whatever that catches your fancy?
Crewcuts top, J. Crew skirt + bag, LOFT necklace, and YSL shoes
Stella McCartney for target top, Abercrombie & Fitch dress, J. Crew skirt, Forever 21 shoes, and See by Chloe Bag
Forever 21 dress as top, Juicy Couture jacket, J. Crew skirt, Longchamp bag, Ziginy shoes, and Ann Taylor necklace

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