Wear It Five Ways : Yellow Blazer Part I

July 29, 2012

One of my favorite finds from H&M recently is this yellow collarless blazer (retails for $49.95; see it on Jean of Extra Petite & Cher of A Fashion Deliberation; it's available in stores in yellow, red, seafoam, and black). This jacket is the lovechild of a classic silhouette and a trendy color - making it an incredibly versatile and on-trend piece.

I have gotten so many wears out of this jacket - to the point where I've had to break up this week's WIFW post into two installments (four looks in this post and a few more in the second). It complements both neutral and loud colors and the shorter length and lack of collar allow it to be worn both casually and in a more relaxed business environment.
H&M blazer + tank, Ann Taylor pants, J. Crew necklace (also here), Prada bag, and F21 shoes
H&M blazer, Gap blouse, F21 shorts (similar here), Marc Jacobs bag, and Ann Taylor shoes
HM blazer, Ann Taylor blouse (similar here) + skirt, Chanel bag, and F21 shoes
H&M blazer + top, J. Crew skirt, Banana Republic necklace, See by Chloe bag, and unbranded shoes

Do you own a similar jacket? How do you wear it?

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