J. Crew - Extra 30% off Final Sale

July 06, 2012

J. Crew's Final Sale has returned! (I don't mean to sound excited because final sale is just terrible; buying something sight unseen is scary) Use code MUSTHAVE at checkout for 30% off. Free shipping on orders of $175+

New markdowns were taken earlier this week so there are some interesting additions.

Here are some of my sale picks. Again, prices are normally better in stores but since the in-store sale has been going on for the last month or so, the in-store selection is comparatively worse.

1. Edie Attache Tote | 2. Tillary Purse | 3. Edie Wallet | 4. Margate Purse | 5. Little Edie Purse
From left to right: Natasha Top in Polka Dot, Silk Bow Cami (also in stripe and floral), Stripe Tunic, Talitha Blouse, Polly Popover, Perfect Shirt in Leopard
From left to right: Origami Sheath Dress, Ella Dress in Pop Art Dot, Ella Dress in Rambling Rose, Filigree Strapless Dress, Memo Dress, Director Dress

Top: Mona Leather Pumps, Valentina Pumps (also in satin), Mona Maryjane
Bottom: Martina Wedge (also in suede and tortoise print), Lena Wedges, Mona Patent Pumps (Also in suede)
Some anchors items for fellow nautical-trend fans.
From left to right: Maritime Dress, Anchors Aweigh Top, Anchors Aweigh Pant, Dizzy Anhcors Dress

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