Grape & Purple Suede (Featuring the J. Crew Scallop Sateen Skirt)

July 13, 2012

Happy Friday!

As a bona fide scallop fiend, I couldn't resist the temptation of getting the J. Crew Scallop Sateen Skirt in both colors (shadow - or navy - and "grape" - as shown here) when I spotted them in stores a few weeks ago (I much for not buying duplicates! I hang my head in shame). These skirts have presented new challenges as the scallop details are at the waist, an interesting departure from the run of the mill skirt with scalloped hems.

I've been a little more mindful of a clothing item's perceived versatility when shopping but honestly, these skirts are not the most versatile solid-colored mini's that one can find in today's heavily deluged clothing market. Regardless, I still feel giddy when I wear them and that should be factored into its worth.

A bonus that comes with skirts that have interesting details at the waist? You don't need to belt it. It's as if even if your blouse is not tucked in perfectly, the scallop detail is drawing all of the attention to it and any unevenness at the junction where the skirt and the top meet is overlooked.

So, I urge you to give this skirt a try next time you cross paths with it in a J. Crew store. I would love to hear your thoughts!
H&M jacket + top, J. Crew skirt, See by Chloe bag, and Franco Sarto Pumps

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