Zara Crochet Dress

June 03, 2012

Zara and I have a complicated relationship. I love their on-trend offerings but am not ready to fork over a Benjamin Franklin for four-wear silk blouses.

Zara's kids and TRF (junior collection) lines are much more affordable compared to its woman's line but they rarely fit me perfectly off the rack.

A few weeks ago I tried on this kids crochet dress in size 11/12 in stores but found that it was both too short and too snug in places (changing its original shape). Luckily, size 13/14 was still available online and with free shipping and return shipping I gladly ordered it.

I have to say: I am so happy about this purchase - the crochet is beautiful and the dress is well-made for the price.
Zara dress, H&M bracelet, See by Chloe bag, and Corso Como shoes

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