Striped Dress & Pink Blazer

June 11, 2012

A year ago I would've passed on a striped dress as colorful as this - for fear I couldn't fully integrate it into my wardrobe. But, as I've discovered through writing this blog, a cohesive and pronounced style isn't one that always adheres to the same basic shapes, patterns, or colors. There is always room for unexpected pieces. 

Do you have something in your closet that is so divergent from your normal style that a close friend would be surprised by its existence?
Forever 21 dress, necklace + bracelets, H&M blazer (similar), Ann Taylor heels, and See by Chloe bag

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  1. Good! I was looking for something like that, just to be confident that the outfit is not too much!

    I will dare!

    What do you think this outfit to an academic conference? :P



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