Polka Dot Tank Dress

June 22, 2012

I have been wearing this polka dot jersey dress non-stop since getting it from Forever 21 a few weeks ago. The dress works well on its own but can be easily transformed when you add the right accessories.

I see it being a nice addition to any vacation wardrobe - it is wrinkle resistant, takes up little room, and can be dressed up or down with minimal effort. Best of all, it only cost $10 and is machinable washable.

What's your must-bring when you need to pack minimally for a (leisure) trip?
Ann Taylor blouse + belt, Forever 21 dress (as skirt), J. Crew bag, and Corso Como shoes
J. Crew blazer, Chanel necklace, Forever 21 dress, H&M belt, See by Chloe bag, and Corso Como shoes
A few ways I've worn this dress previously:

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