Polka Dot & Peplum Skirt

June 14, 2012

The ASOS Peplum Skirt reviewed here is 30% off today in red, black, and blue (with free shipping and free return shipping). I will revisit this skirt next week but wanted to get this review up in time for the sale. The skirt in white is listed at full price but with code SUMMER20 or 20RETAILMENOT you can get 20% off any full-price item.
Size UK Petite 4 / US Petite 0 measures 11.5in across the waist and 21.5in in length. The skirt is a bit wrinkle prone (97% cotton and 3% elastane) but the wrinkles do fall out after you hang it for a while.

Peplum skirts hide a lot of "flaws" - like a belly pouch after large meals - and accentuates the smallness of one's waist. Plus, the peplum adds enough flair to allow for simple pairings.

There is an abundance of peplum skirts out there right now but I think ASOS's petite-friendly version is worth considering.
Forever 21 dress (as top) + bracelet, ASOS skirt, Banana Republic necklace, Kate Spade wallet, and Obeline pumps
Buy the skirt here

Here are a few other peplum options from ASOS:
From left to right: White | Red | Black | Pink | Red | Blue

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