The Limited - Extra 40% Off

June 20, 2012

I tried a myriad of codes to try to get them to work (including 241, which was the magical combination in the past) but I think most codes are deactivated because of the extra 40% off sale.

Again, the Limited size chart runs 00-16 (00 available only in select styles) and XS-XL with no extended offerings (no petite and no plus). If you normally wear a 00P in other mall retailer, the Limited will probably be too big for you.

There are some great deals to be had but shipping is a sunk cost should things not work out.

Here are some of my picks:  

From left to right: Popover Ruffled Blouse, Cap Sleeve Tee, Double Ruffle Shirt, The Collins Shirt and High-Low Soft Blouse
From left to right: Dotted Dress, Blouson Top, Pintucked Top, and Dotted Tank Dress
From left to right: Ribbon Sash Dress, One Shoulder Bow Dress, Flowy Halter Dress, Mod Elbow Dress, and Lace Shift Dress
From left to right: Pleated Midi Skirt, Circle Border Skirt, Circle Skirt, Crystal Pleated Skirt, and High-Low Skirt

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