Ruffle Dress & Trench

May 23, 2012

I bought this ruffle dress from H&M a few days ago with a 35% off coupon (expires May 27th). I've seen it in stores on numerous occasions but never had enough incentive to pick it up until now.

What did you buy with your 35% off coupon?
H&M dress + trench, Marc Jacobs bag, F21 necklace, and Ziginy shoes

And it's time for a small giveaway - I picked up three of these $4.95 H&M tops over the weekend (two in size 2 and one in size 4) in LIGHT PINK. To enter please complete the simple three-question form at the end of the post. I will announce the winners next Tuesday (the 29th).

Wearing size 2 in the picture below. Please note that the giveaway is for the top in PINK.

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