Review : Ann Taylor S/S 2012 Part I

May 30, 2012

I recently placed a few orders with Ann Taylor after succumbing to their innumerable promotions. Part II will be posted tomorrow.

Also, this review probably isn't the most helpful because I only have written commentary and pictures. I had measured all of the garments but misplaced the piece of paper on which I recorded that information so you'll just have to go by my pictures and try to gauge fit.

Tweed Collarless Jacket - 00P - Returned
I was an instant fan of the fabric but thought the jacket wasn't particularly flattering on me. It is cropped and fits about a size smaller than other 00P's from Ann Taylor. I also ordered the matching skirt in 0P which fits slightly loose around the waist but is rather short in length (pictures next week). I had also ordered the Modern Tweed Jacket to try but that too was unflattering. 

Chelsea Cropped Pants - 00P - Kept
I love these pants. They are not particularly engrossing in pictures but are so comfortable and rather flattering in person. My only qualm is that it stretches a bit after wear and wrinkles easily. I got mine in black so the wrinkles aren't too noticeable. The smallest sizes are currently sold out online but if given the chance I will probably try these in a different color just to compare fit. There is a waist gap - an inch or so - in 00P for me but is fixable with a belt.

I have been looking for a pair of close-fitting black pants but these just didn't make the cut. The material was too clingy and thin and relegated them to casual wear status. The fit was also poor - there is a significant gap at the waist and needed to be hoisted up with a belt.

Polished Cotton Trousers - 00R - Returned
These trousers are terrific in concept; they are designed with two tabs in the back that allow you to adjust the size of the waist (would be perfect for women who have a low waist-to-hip ratio). If the pant legs had been slimmer I probably would've kept them but alas they were not the silhouette I had in mind.

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