Full of Tulle

May 27, 2012

To say I am an unrealistic and highly impractical person when it comes to fashion is an understatement. I covet pieces like the Ann Taylor Tulle Ball Skirt even though it has no place in most people's closets. But infatuation, much like love, is irrational.

I made a deal with myself two weeks ago - if I can find a way to wear this Halloween costume out in public five times, I will let myself get the Ann Taylor ball skirt.
Here's my first attempt. I got a few curious glances but most people didn't find my getup as strange as J did (perhaps people were simply being nice but secretly suspected that I had just escaped daycare or a mental institution). J is normally fairly supportive of my sartorial pursuits but I can tell he was ostensibly embarrassed walking next to a ball of tulle.

Regardless, I already have second thoughts about the Ann Taylor ball skirt. Another attempt and I may forgo this challenge altogether.

So, dramatic tulle skirts, do they have a place under the sun?
Ralph Lauren kids shirt, Forever 21 belt, Ziginy pumps, and See by Chloe bag

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