Anchor Print

May 21, 2012

One of my favorite prints this year is the anchor print. It injects a splash of summer into everything that bears its emblem.

I found my first anchor-print item this year at Forever 21 - this blouse combines two of my favorite elements: bows and anchors. I wasn't able to find a size small (or a medium) at the time, so came home with a large. The material is rather sheer and very lightweight so it doesn't seem overwhelming even in a bigger size.
F21 blouse, J. Crew blazer + bag, and Ann Taylor belt, shoes, and pants

A few items in the same print (the star-anchor combination) as my top.
from left to right:  Star Anchor Shorts, Star Anchor Hi-Low Top, Star Anchor Shirt, Star Anchor Palazzo pant
And a few things from J. Crew that have caught my eye. I will probably order them to try when they go on sale (though #3 & #6 are already on sale!).

1. Anchor bead charm bracelet | 2. Anchors aweigh underwire top & Anchors aweigh belted hipster  | 3. Anchors aweigh skirted tank | 4. Girls' dizzy anchors sateen dress | 5. T-shirt dress in dizzy anchors | 6. Maritime anchor dress

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