Stripes + Hot Pink

April 02, 2012

Last night when I was catching up on missed episodes of Grimm on Hulu, I saw a twenty-second spot for Krave. Krave is a new Kellog cereal and bears a strong resemblance to a breakfast treat I conjured up at age 10. I am surprised it took 15 years for someone to finally make it happen.

Have you tried Krave? My local grocery stores are always a beat behind everyone else (though they recently started stocking Smokehouse BBQ ruffles, to my delight) so I probably won't get to try them until next month.

p.s. if you are a fellow Frito-Lays fan who loves trying new salty snacks but don't know which of your local stores carry new flavors, you can go to the Frito-Lays website and use their "Where to buy" function to get a list of local stores that stock your chips of choice. You are welcome. 
Ann Taylor blouse, H&M blazer + belt, Zara skirt, YSL shoes, and See by Chloe bag (and here),

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