Pants Too Long? Buy Taller Shoes

April 04, 2012

My dear friend Cee (of To Brighten My Day fame) never ceases to crack me up with her little nuggets of wisdom. A few weeks ago when I was debating how much to hem my Theory pants, Cee made the comment (in the subject of this post) which I've been telling J (jokingly, of course) when he complains about my buying him pants that are too long.

The pants that I am wearing in this post are from Ann Taylor and they are about 6 inches too long for my stubby legs. I haven't been to a tailor in a while so these have been just sitting in my closet waiting for its owner to find some motivation to hem it. I really wanted to wear it the other day so I decided to take a page from Cee's book and put on (one of) my tallest shoes and voila, problem (temporarily) solved.

Thank goodness for crafty blog friends who make our lives easier.
Ann Taylor blouse, belt + pants, J. Crew jacket, and Prada bag

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