Orange + Pink

April 25, 2012

I consider myself a safe dresser. And in the absence of naked courage (when it comes to taking chances on pairing clashing prints and colors), I sometimes find myself looking a bit matchy matchy. It's definitely a delicate balance and I struggle with adding the right amount/kind of accents to complement outfits in a tasteful way.

While there's nothing inherently wrong with being decked out in matching colors, it can often come off as "trying too hard" so I normally like to include a belt or a bag in a neutral color to help balance out bold shades.

Are you prone to these same tendencies? What do you do to tone down over-match-i-ness?
H&M blouse ($$$ version), belt, + bracelet, Zara skirt (similar here and here), See by Chloe bag (also here, here, and here), Corso Como shoes (also here), and Amrita Singh necklace

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