J. Crew Extra 30% off Sale

April 16, 2012

After a dry spell, J. Crew's final sale rages on with another 30% off promotion. Use MUSTHAVE at checkout for an additional 30% off already reduced prices. I've been seriously unrestrained when it comes to J. Crew lately so I'll be passing on this particular promotion.

I do have a few quick reviews to share with you. I'll let the pictures do the talking but if you have any specific questions, please let me know and I'll answer them with more detail. I'll also be doing more thorough reviews on these at a later time but want to get these pictures up in time for easy reference.

Winnie Dress - 00 - Black
Measurements: Bust:15in; Waist: 12.5in; Torso Length: 13.5in
I tried this on a few months ago and really liked it in the fitting room. Unfortunately, I didn't think it was worth it at full price so was happy to purchase it for a fraction of its original cost.The dress is easy enough to wear but for some reason the dress isn't as flattering as I remembered.
Measurements: Waist: 13in, Hip: 17in; Length: 19in
As with most J. Crew skirts, this fit me with a tiny bit of waist gap but since my hips are bigger the skirt stays on well. The print looked much more interesting in the stock photo but fell flat in real life.
Measurements: Waist: 13.5in; Hip: 17in; Length: 19in
This skirt fits about a size bigger than the feather paisley version. I do love the print and will probably pay a little more to have the waist taken in slightly.
Teddie Dress - Decadent Red - 0P
Measurements: Shoulder: 14in; Sleeve length: 15in; Waist: 13in, Overall length: 32.5in, Torso length: 14.5; Bust: 16
The Teddie is a youthful style with a higher waistline and a tulip-y skirt. The material feels fairly comfortable even though the sleeves are unlined. The fit isn't perfect but I'll be brainstorming a few ideas to make it work for me. J thought the sleeve length was weird and suggested that I take it up a few inches (as pictured on the right). What are your thoughts?

Clea Dress - 00 - Vermont Pine
Measurements: Shoulder: 14in; Sleeve length: 17.5in; Bust: 16.5ish; Waist: 13in; Torso length: 15in; Overall length: 37in
I bought this in both vermont pine and heather charcoal for my mom. She looks fantastic in it but it's certainly not for everyone (notably me, who can't pull this off). It's not available in petite but the length in regular isn't too bad on 5'2 me.
Petite café capri in wool - 00P - Yacht Blue
Measurements: Waist: 13.5in; Hip:18in; Overall length: 32in 
These fit me kind of tightly in the legs but was a bit loose in the waist. I thought the 00P might fit me well since they were too big for Alterations Needed but I underestimated how much bigger than Kelly I am. Since these are final sale I'll have to figure out how to make them work for me. 

Kids, stay away from final sale unless you have tried things on before and know your size. I just don't learn!

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