Shoe Lust : Corso Como Delicious Black Tip Beige Quilted Pump

March 06, 2012

I am a some time fan of the Brazilian shoemaker Corso Como. Of all the styles I've tried so far, I remain a devoted fan of the classic delicious pump (of which I have three colors). A few months ago during a trip to Nordstrom's I fell in love with the Delicious Quilted pump. Alas, I left them behind because I rarely pay retail for shoes.

Late last month Nordstrom's included these gorgeous pumps in their epic shoe sale for a surprising 40% off. First cuts are typically not very generous so I quickly picked these up.

The shoes are beautiful and well made for $90. The footbed is heavily padded for comfort and the leather soft enough to not require a long break-in period.
And at the risk of turning you all off from these shoes, here's how they look on my feet. They fit true to size but if you are in between sizes I would suggest taking your larger size. I am normally a 6.5/7 in pumps and ordered these in size 7. They fit well on my wider-than-average feet and after wearing them around the house on carpet for an hour I declared them a keeper.
They are currently still available in a variety of sizes, buy them here.

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