Recent ASOS Purchase + Review: Part I

March 04, 2012

It's been a few weeks since my last ASOS order and a few items on my radar were marked down during the last sale. Since ASOS offers free shipping and free returns, I went ahead and ordered all of them to try in the hope that at least one of them will make the cut.

Size: US2/UK6
Material: 77% Polyester, 19% Viscose, 4% Elastane
This dress is a keeper for me. I think I will get the dress hemmed slightly because as it stands now, it's too long on me. The fit in size US2 is passable, I think the dress is cut for someone with a longer torso so there is some excess fabric at the waist. I do love the scallop detail at the neckline and the cap sleeves.

Size: US2/UK6
Material: 77% Polyester, 19% Viscose, 4% Elastane
I am trying to stay away from keeping duplicates but love this particular style enough to feel conflicted. Red is a little louder than black so I am leaning toward the black. The material feels very similar to the tailored pencil dress that was well received in the petite community, it's definitely not a particularly great value but I love the style.
ASOS suffers sizing discrepancy across the colors. The red felt much looser (and longer) than the black. When I put the black on top of the red to compare, my suspicions were confirmed.

Color: Blue
Size: US2/UK6
Material: 71% Modal & 29% Polyester
This dress wasn't a keeper for me. It didn't flatter me and is probably made for someone with a different shape from mine. 
Color: Lemon
Size: US2/UK6
Material: 100% polyester
I really wanted to love this dress but it's just not for me. I think if it were available in petite I would probably find a size that fit better. The lemon-y color is very spring and the embellished bow is a nice feature as well. I think this size would fit someone a size bigger than me much better.

Color: Navy
Size: US2/UK6
Material: 64% Polyester, 30% Viscose, 6% Elastane
Scallops are typically an easy sell for me and this dress looked darling on the ASOS model but was too frumpy on me. It was big all over and made me look shapeless. The plastic bow belt that it came with didn't help much. This is a return for me.
Part II coming soon.

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