OOTD: Twice the Fun

March 07, 2012

One of my continuous goals is to avoid buying duplicates but I always manage to find an excuse to justify my purchases. I own the J. Crew townhouse trench in heather caramel, and now in flaming red. The red was actually my first choice but it sold out early on in smaller sizes (probably because Atlantic-Pacific wore it on her blog) and I eventually settled for heather caramel. A few weeks ago a dear blog friend of mine decided to part with hers after finding out about her pregnancy (congrats M!) and I was there to swiftly pick up what she decided to discard.

I figured it was fate because I Am Khatu has been styling this coat (to perfection, might I add) just before I got my hands on one. She does make it look irresistible, doesn't she?
J. Crew coat, H&M blazer, BB Dakota dress, LOFT necklace, and Ann Taylor pumps
Do you buy duplicates of a tried-and-true favorite? Or are duplicates never a good idea?

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