OOTD: Polka Dot, Turquoise and Hot Pink

March 12, 2012

Polka dots are one of my new favorite prints. I find myself especially drawn to prints with larger dots. This dress from Forever 21 fits the bill perfectly and while it won't stop me from lusting after the J. Crew doppelgänger, it satisfies my polka dot craving for now.

The dress is no longer available online but can likely still be found in stores. It retails for $24.80 and the style number is 00033495012.

Similar (but pricier) versions can be found here, here, and here.
F21 dress (similar) + belt, GAS sweater (similar), J. Crew necklace, Kate Spade Wallet and Corso Como shoes (and here)
The dress itself doesn't come with a belt so I've been combing through my room looking for sashes and ribbons that would go with it. My favorite way so far is adding a black ribbon to define the waistline.
What's your favorite polka dot? Is it colorful? Do you like smaller dots?

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