OOTD: Coke Zero Colors Revisited

March 08, 2012

I am trying hard to break the cycle of wearing red with a black and white outfit. Green, yellow, orange, pink, any other color will do...but I tend to reach for red, perhaps it's because I've brainwashed myself with the amount of coke zero cans I surround myself with.

Speaking of coke zero...recently, in an effort to ingest less chemicals in my diet, I attempted to quit coke zero. I replaced with it Powerade Zero which, while not ideal, is the lesser of two evils. The first few days went without a hitch but the craving hit me hard at day 4, when I decided to grab a fridge pack on my way from work. Little did I know, my local Shoprite had a promotion that require shoppers to buy five fridge packs in order to qualify for the discount. Never one to turn away a deal, I submitted to the genius of "must-buy-five" promos and went home fully stocked with a three-week supply of poison.

Do you shop for groceries the same way you shop for clothes? I am a chips fiend but I am typically not very picky - I'll buy whatever kind that happens to be on sale (and something is always on sale). I wonder if my shopping patterns are doomed.
Ann Taylor blouse, shoes & belt, Forever 21 blazer, LOFT factory skirt, and Prada bag

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