Crazy for Pastels : Mint & Blush

March 24, 2012

This dress has been sitting in my closet practically since the third Petite Fashion Challenge. I always felt that the stiff fabric made my torso look square-like and was too self-conscious to wear it. The other day, while organizing my closet for a long overdue blog sale update (I'll continue to update in the next little while) and a trip to the local Goodwill, I took it out and tried it with a few different belts to see if it can be saved. Alas, I found that a wider belt broke up the sea of mint fabric nicely and created the illusion of a waist on my otherwise rather curve-less torso.

Have a great Sunday everyone!
BB Dakota dress (similar here and here), J. Crew jacket, Marc Jacobs bag, and Diane von Furstenberg sandals (also here, here, and here)

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